Souping - Cookbook

Souping - Cookbook



Juicing has become a ubiquitous method for detoxifying the body and losing weight, but juice cleanses can be high in sugar, prohibitively expensive, and still leave you hungry. Souping, which offers a more satisfying cleansing process, loaded with veggies and fiber, is now something you can do at home. Souping (publishing December 2015) from wellness expert Alison Velázquez, offers more than 80 delicious recipes and meal plans to help you cleanse smarter, whether you want to lose weight, boost your immunity, or improve your overall health.

Souping combines the health benefits of whole foods with a delicious variety of hot and cold soups, including Beet, Orange, and Basil soup; Red Pepper Chickpea; and Leafy Green Detox soup. Step-by-step instructions for making and storing each savory, sweet, filling, energizing, or calming soup make souping easy, and nutritional breakdowns and explanations of the health benefits of key ingredients allow you to track your progress. In addition to the recipes, the book offers a meal planner for a variety of cleanses, with a shopping list, preparation schedule, and other helpful tips. Readers will learn to make satisfying soups that use whole ingredients, and to follow programs that range from one to seven days, while never offering the same menu twice. Souping’s combination of inspiring photography and flexible, practical cleanse plans give you a new and simple way to eat well.

Alison Velázquez is a wellness professional and the CEO & Founder of Skinny Souping, which makes health- focused soups and soup cleanses. A trained chef and certified Pilates instructor, Alison combines her knowledge in fitness and food to help take healthy habits and turn them into full-fledged healthy lifestyles. She specializes in wellness or spa cooking, which focuses on the use of seasonal ingredients to create light, innovative fare. A vegetarian for almost 20 years, Alison also specializes in restricted dietary approaches including vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, Paleo, low- carb, sugar-free, and gluten-free. ________________________________________________________________

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Paperback / 192 pages / Full-color / $19.95 Publishing December 22, 2015 9781465449306 

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