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after a quick stint in corporate, I left to follow my dreams and pursue my passion - health & wellness. i got  certified to teach pilates ( a fitness regimen I still swear by) and worked with clients all across Chicago. what i quickly found was that my clients had a difficult time reaching their health goals due to the food component.  wanting to provide them with a one-stop solution, i decided to go to culinary school and combine food + fitness for my clients.  that kicked off my life's trajectory into the world of food. 


like a cat, i've found that i always tend to land on my feet.  probably because i don't mind hard work and also the fact that i don't know what the word "no" means. i started working when i was 15 years old slinging water & gatorade on the beach.  even at that early age, i understood that hard work equaled money and money equaled independence, so i fell in love with the hustle.  although the number of odd jobs i've had was many, what they all had in common was selling a vision. today i'm blessed to be able to promote my vision - my product line Skinny Souping, making healthy eating simpler.


the cookbook: souping

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skinny souping

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a cold blustery day in february, i was taking a break from making huge pots of soup in a commercial kitchen when i got an odd DM on Instagram.  "souping is going to be a hot food trend - we are looking for a chef to write a cookbook on souping, would you be interested?" i immediately thought i was being spammed, scammed or otherwise led astray. however, upon further investigation, it turned out to be an editor from DK Books, a division of Penguin-Random House. my first thought was, now i can justify all the hours of my life i had lost scrolling on instagram.