kale-junkie. fitness fanatic. left-handed. cup half-full type of person (preferably a glass of bubbly). i live & breathe wellness not because it's trendy, not for the IG photos, but because it just feels good and it's my lifestyle. 

i guess i was forward thinking (definitely opinionated) since an early age. at age 10 i told my mom i wasn't eating meat anymore and pro-actively started eating a plant based diet. once, again, it wasn't because it was trendy - actually it made me kind of a weirdo. as a kid i'd hide my black bean sandwiches at lunch so as not to be ostracized, but it didn't stop me from compromising my values. 

although my palate has changed since then, my values haven't. i still believe that one of the best things we can do for our bodies is nourish them with all natural foods. and one of the best things we can do for our minds is exercise - its a natural mood lifter, stress reliever and energy booster.

this is why fitness + food are core elements of my lifestyle. however,i know it's not as easy for others to incorporate these things into their lifestyle, so that's where i can help. my goal is to make healthy living simple for you - so if you need help, even if it's just some words of motivation, lets connect.