Souping: The Cookbook

Souping: The Cookbook


SOUPING: The Simple Way to Eat Well

Juicing has become a ubiquitous method for detoxifying the body and losing weight, but juice cleanses can be high in sugar, prohibitively expensive, and still leave you hungry. Souping, which offers a more satisfying cleansing process, loaded with veggies and fiber, is now something you can do at home.   Wellness expert Alison Velázquez, offers more than 80 delicious recipes and meal plans to help you cleanse smarter, whether you want to lose weight, boost your immunity, or improve your overall health.

Souping combines the health benefits of whole foods with a delicious variety of hot and cold soups, including Beet, Orange, and Basil soup; Red Pepper Chickpea; and Leafy Green Detox soup.

  • Step-by-step instructions for making and storing soups

  • nutritional breakdowns & explanations of the health benefits of key ingredients

  • meal planner for a variety of cleanses + a shopping list + prep schedule

    Souping is a simple way to eat well - make it part of your lifestyle today.

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